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2021 Virtual Canadian Employee Ownership Conference Program

Platinum Sponsor - Dale & Lessmann LLP

March 1 - 2, 2021

We are finalizing our Program - check back soon

Program (Draft)

Ownership and Management Transition: Some Hard Lessons and Practical Approaches

Stock-Based Compensation – The Path to Employee Ownership

The Evolution of an ESOP Agreement

ESOP Planning for Canadian Corporations – Tax Planning and Use of Trusts

Cultivating a Stewardship Ethos

Business Valuations – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Bravely Onward (An ESOP Story)

How do ESOPs Fit in, Fuel and Adapt to the Strategic Plans of Good Companies

Building an Ownership Mentality Through an ESOP

Drive Results by Optimizing Your Talent

Legal ESOP Issues

Ask the Experts Tables (interactive)

Program Overview (Draft)

Our Challenge:  Are you open to discovering something unexpected, to exploring a range of possibilities, to being fully engagedYES!  Then we think this program is designed with you in-mind.  Here is a snapshot of the sessions.

Cultivating a Stewardship Ethos

This session will look at the experience of a shifting culture to esop culture for a medium sized enterprise and some learnings and questions along the way.

New esops and those considering esops will find the material very enlightening and established esops will find it relevant as well.

Presented by: Jonathan Lok, Strategic Natural Resources Consultants Inc., Managing Director

The Ins and Outs of ESOP Shareholders Agreements

Develop the right agreement for your ESOP - whether your company is big or small, currently wholly owned or owned together with other partners.

Presenter: Dean Psarras, Dale & Lessmann LLP, Partner

Stock-Based Compensation – The Path to Employee Ownership

This presentation will address how to get to employee ownership through offering stock-based compensation to the employees. It will start with the HR benefits of offering stock-based compensation, will address the types and pros/cons of the different SBC types, and will end with the challenges (not solutions) associated with offering SBC; Each of these solutions is a separate presentation. Maybe we should consider a new category of “stock-based compensation”.

Different parts of the presentation would address the needs of both start-up and seasoned ESOP companies, but would be more suitable for executive level individuals rather than operators.

Presented by: Ramy Taraboulsi, VeritableSoft Innovations, Managing Director and CEO

The Evolution of an ESOP Agreement

Some ESOPs models support a set it and forget it approach, at iQmetrix our ESOP continues to evolve.

This session appeals to all since it will show pre or early esops how creative you can be and for more

established esops it might inspire you to tweak your model and for service providers this ties to legal, valuations, and ESOP plan creators.

Presented by: Dean Ell, iQmetrix, Corporate Controller and ESOP Administrator

ESOP Planning for Canadian Corporations – Tax Planning

and Use of Trusts

My preliminary presentation plan would be to outline 3 or 4 common ESOP situations that I have seen in practice and I will comment on the income tax implications of those situations and highlight some tax planning opportunities as well as some tips and traps.  The focus will be on the technical income tax implications when setting up the ESOP plan for both the existing owners and the incoming employees, as well as some comments on the income tax options and implications for facilitating a tax effective exit for the employees at a future date. 

This material will be relevant for corporations considering an ESOP or those seasoned operators looking for ideas and planning options when facilitating employee departures. 

Presented by: Jeremy J. Herbert, Felesky Flynn LLP, Managing Partner

Ownership and Management Transition: Some Hard Lessons

and Practical Approaches

Growth, expanding ownership, increasing and preserving shareholder value. Some hard-learned lessons in employee ownership and ownership transition.

Presented by: Stephen Quigley, Blue Cay Consultants

Business Valuations:

  • introduction to valuation methodologies
  • key influences on value
  • the benefits & limitations of simple formulas

This session will (a) aim to provide entrepreneurs with some insight into how their company will be valued prior to introducing an ESOP, (b) look at some of the issues that influence the initial and on-going value of the company and (c) consider the benefits and challenges of using a simple formula to value the company.

Tailored for a wide audience, this session will present discuss materials relevant to newbies as well as something more complex for experienced ESOPs.

Presented by: Paul Maarschalk, Maarschalk Valuations Inc, President

Bravely Onward

I guess that is the central theme; to continue in spite of the odds, to be willing to make mistakes and carry on. To be willing to learn what it means to be a small worker-owned company in an industry that shakes its head at such an idea. 

Communication and culture would likely be the most accurate thread that I will tie into. OR

Trailblazing - making headway as an ESOP in new categories of industry. The pandemic has created a number of opportunities to exercise this concept and I will certainly be touching on that also.

This session will target mostly people considering ESOPs as a potential direction. I tend to focus on the “why” we do business this way over the “how”. 

Presented by: Jessie Votary, Ramshackle Industries, President and Fearless Leader

How do ESOPs Fit in, Fuel and Adapt to the

Strategic Plans of Good Companies

Good companies who either have, or are considering ESOP’s, want to improve who they are, and what they do, in many ways. For this to work, their ESOP’s must always fit in with their strategic plans, reflecting the company’s collective vision of their preferred future. In this presentation we will explore some of these important aspects that need to be aligned.

Presented by: Eben Louw, MNP LLP, Partner

Building an Ownership Mentality Through an ESOP

What is one thing I can do to make my ESOP successful post-launch?  Many business owners are brought into the idea of an ESOP because of it's touted benefits such as increased profits, employee engagement, productivity, and retention. However, in truth these benefits don't just magically appear simply because you put a plan in place. Join this session for an insightful discussion between various individuals from ESOP companies and institutions, interviewed and facilitated by Joanna and Perry Phillips from ESOP Builders. Discover real world examples of what has worked, but also what has not worked. Hear about how others' ESOPs have been communicated, and how new-employee owners have been educated and engaged in order to promote an Ownership Mentality. 

Presented by: Perry Phillips and Joanna Phillips, ESOP Builders Inc., President and Vice President

Other sessions to be added will include:  “legal insights” and “results from optimizing talent”, “communications and culture”, “research and current events” and an “ask the experts panel”.

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