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We are a not-for-profit Association. What does that mean? It means that the people who make it thrive don't get paid. But we sure have a lot of fun as volunteers. None of the positions take a lot of time, however, like any worthy work, it takes dedication and a willingness to share your wisdom and ideas. In true ESOP form, this is about collaboration for greater success.

The Association has flourished, and we're striving to advance it to the next level. Your contributions on one of the committees listed below are very much appreciated. Check them out - click the Volunteer Now button below, its that easy. If you're not ready yet, we appreciate you for your continued support as a member, and are always open to your feedback Contact Us here.

Board of Directors

Yes, we're required to have a Board of Directors and Officers. As a member of the Board, you get to set the bigger vision, and guide the direction of this amazing Association. The annual general meeting is typically in June, and additional board meetings are held from time to time as required. 

Advisor to the Board

Not quite ready to be a Director? How about becoming an Advisor to the Board? This is the perfect place to be able to share your highly-valued thoughts and feedback, without committing too much time and effort. 

Membership Committee

As a part of professionalising the Association, we've transformed from free-membership to a paid-membership model to provide greater value to members. This involved the creation of a new website. There have been a ton of volunteer hours committed to put this in place and make it work. As a member of this committee, you'll be responsible for on-going membership related activities, including maintaining the website. 

Advocacy Committee

As ESOPs become more prevalent in Canada, the goal for this committee is to build relationships and influence decision-makers (both federally and provincially) relating to tax concerns and benefits for ESOPS.


Conference Planning Committee

The annual Canadian Employee Ownership Conference is our flagship event to provide timely and relevant ESOP information, plus an opportunity to connect with others involved, or interested in the ESOP model. This committee has a super fun and rewarding time planning and facilitating the event. Major responsibilities include: picking a location and venue, creating the agenda, planning meals and entertainment, inviting presenters and ESOP experts, securing sponsorship, and involvement in facilitating the actual event.


Webinar Committee

Our intent is to provide immense value to members and to continue to promote ESOPS in this great country. One way we do that is through interesting, entertaining, and educational webinars. As a member of this committee, you get to work with our membership, service providers, and other external resources to plan, market, and facilitate these high-value events.

Please Note: You will need to be a member in order to volunteer

Volunteer Now

And please do one more thing for us. We'd love to know your burning questions about this incredible ESOP model. We're happy to provide articles, webinars, or connections to give you exactly what you need. Please send us a note here Contact Us